Delivering a host of programs to ease the financial lives
of struggling righteous families in Israel...


In addition to the above, here is a partial list of exciting seasonal and novel projects we operate:
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Benei David operates as a direct-giving, volunteer led organization of like-minded donors that together sustain worthy individuals’ families with provisions: nourishment, clothing, even skills covering the basic necessities which enable them to become self-sustaining, in support of their families; with the express purpose of ensuring they perpetuate their spiritual commitments.

Fresh Bread [DAILY]

Under our “Fresh Bread” program, BD maintains an agreement with several local bakeries to furnish hundreds of their “extra” bread loaves and rolls each and every day of the year; and through several local families who volunteer we distribute this bread daily (365 days) to poor families in Israel.


Combining our “Shabbos Challah” program, with our “Chicken for Shabbos” program, BD purchases fresh chicken and hundreds of “extra” Challah and rolls from local bakeries, which are speedily distributed to poor families every Shabbos, 52 weeks a year — thus providing meal packages [w/Glatt Kosher chickens for larger families]; under the auspices of Rabbi Y. Levi.


Under the “Clothes of Chesed” program, BENEI DAVID takes in new clothing (sometimes lightly used) arranged through the generosity of affiliated families in America.  The clothing is then shipped to Israel by boat where it is picked up by Rabbi Levi; who then sorts, arranges and distributes the clothing to the appropriate families.