Your Donation in Action

Many people involved with Benei David regularly are already ‘in the know’ on how we manage all our programs, and why our direct action approach stands out; yet for new donors and charitable / learning community members and those who never even felt the need to ask, here is the’ back story’ that we feel makes joining us extra-ordinarily impactful:

Benei David pays a bakery to consistently provide their surplus baked goods, on a daily basis and this is directly distributed within twenty-four hours, or needy families come to Rab Levy’s house to pick them up. On a weekly basis, the same provider will also give surplus [Chalah] loaves and bakery goods earmarked for BD specifically to be distributed in four large bundles by zone in Jerusalem (regional heads distro and direct) to families. Volunteers also survey local circulars for sale items at wholesale or cheaper, so that they can use any surplus monies to purchase anything useful to add in to the bundles so as to meet or exceed the most basic needs of the enjoined families, thus ensuring that all available funds are put to ideal use each week; using the BD org credit card directly.

Every month, BD contracts for a large lot of high quality chickens which  Rab Levy himself supervises the rendering of, to further ensure the most reasonable price possible of delivered protein source to the families. Certain destitute families are monitored more closely in order to supplement their nutritional needs and ensure they will not starve for being involved in the program that we operate with an aim to sustain them; which has rigorous qualification criteria for participation.

So as not to leave any core religious need unaddressed, beyond the two main holiday seasons that we actually collect for, Benei David goes two steps further in covering Purim and Tu B’shvat – dried fruits, wine, and basic subsidies are distributed to ensure the families feel the holiday also. On Rosh Hashanah & Succot, as well as Passover [Pesach] we distribute the food packages along with some extra funds to help them get through the season.

On Yom Kippur, we buy over a thousand [1,000] chickens for ritual slaughter, whereupon their meat is subsequently distributed to the same recipients. All storage of meat, to stockpile and maintain quality and cost levels is onsite at R. Levy’s primary residence, further reducing expenses.

The oil for Hannukah is also provided so that they need not be concerned with their ability to perform such a big mitzvah in the appropriate way — which can ordinarily only be accessed at an exorbitant cost, representing a small fortune to them.

R.Levy, also a trained Engineer, uses his own tools to repair washing machines, refrigerators and other appliances free of charge to ensure that they can avoid very expensive repair costs of these essential home items. Now he has also trained his nephew to upkeep this work during his own spare time. Finally, to ensure they stay outfitted, Benei David depletes our yearly purchase card balance points, by redeeming them for the necessary tools which are employed in this service to the community.

As an aside, Rabbi Levy’s paternal grandfather was known as a righteous individual and successful businessman, who had turned over the lion’s share of his wealth towards support of local needy families.  At the end of his life, Rabbi Levy’s grandfather donated the remaining assets of his estate to build Yeshivat Porat Yoseph, which is a world-class yeshivah of renown, located in the heart of the Old City of Jerusalem. Since, it has been supported by his ancestor’s ultimate generosity (bequest) and so it allows him to do this highly personalized service. Since Rabbi Levy had a very close relationship with his grandfather, his frequent exposure to his model of selfless giving shapeed his path, and had a very positive impact on him as he grew. It is this same personal level of devotion and concern, patterned in a selfless approach to Giving that generates enormous impact felt by all who know him. When we met him, we knew what we had to do…

Now, if you are moved to be more involved and would find in your heart the motive to add to your commitment, you may do so, here: